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The Power of "Why?"

A friend of mine, David Koons, wrote an article that correlates with my philosophy of goal setting. I am using several of his thoughts with mine to make it applicable towards triathlon.

The main problem with goals not being achieved is that most of the time there is not a powerful 'why' behind them. What do I mean by why? Simply, what is the reason or purpose behind the goal? Simply deciding that we wish to do something (goal) is not enough; we must determine why we want to accomplish it.

For example, suppose you want to finish an Ironman distance race in the next two years. That sounds good, doesn't it? But does it move you to action? Does it paint a vivid picture of why you want to finish the race? Does it resonate to your soul?

Now, let's try this one. "I plan to achieve the completion of an Ironman distance race during the 2004 triathlon season. This will allow me to stay healthy and enforce the mental discipline that will carry over to other aspects in my life." See the difference?

Many of my clients rework their goals shortly after beginning to work with me. They discover what they truly want to achieve, why they truly want it, and then they are extremely dedicated to achieving it.

David Koons is an expert coach. He provides business and personal coaching services to entrepreneurs, executives and small-business owners around the country. To learn more about David Koons, email him at dave@freeagentcoach.com


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