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We are getting into the beginning of the triathlon racing season and everyone is excited about racing. Your goals are difficult to achieve, but in reach. A goal might even be just finishing a race. Goals are not to be taken lightly. They are the blueprints for success.

Now, when you plan your workouts, you are planning your training under ideal circumstances. This is taking into account work, travel, family etc. In other words, when planning your workouts, you are assuming you are not overly stressed at work, family and your training is not "overly" stressed. Of course, there are times when your body will be stressed from training. This is a major factor in improving your fitness. However, YOU need to listen to your body. YOU need to know why you are tired and whether it is because of the training, training/work, work/family, work…etc." This where a coach is beneficial, as your coach is a sounding board for you so that you don't have to rely on yourself to make training decisions. If you don't have a coach, then it is all the more important to "listen."

Your planned workouts should not be set in stone. Your workout planner is a constantly changing amoeba depending on how you respond to certain workouts as well as the outside stimuli mentioned above. Listen, feel and learn how your body responds to these stimuli. Don't base your fitness on one or two workouts. You may have breakthrough workouts where you kick butt. You may have workouts that are at a worse pace than five months ago. You may have both of these kinds of workouts, dare I say, in the same week!!! Let's use the adage "steady as she goes," in trying to reach your goals. You will have peaks and valleys with your workouts. You want to try to flatten and fill these peaks and valleys so that you are not influenced heavily towards the valley. (Of course, you would always want to have peak workouts!). Don't dwell on your performance in workouts over a course of a day or week. If you continue sliding after a week or if you are improving over a course of two weeks, then you have a better idea of your fitness.

When you go to that start line, just do it. Sure, not all of your workouts went according to plan, but you have worked hard to get to a peak level of fitness. CLOSE THE DEAL! PUT THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN! Otherwise, you are selling yourself short for the time, discipline and sweat you have put into this job.

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