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Setting Goals:

* Not only athletic, but also in other areas - Family, Work, Sport
* Realistic targets that you and others can live with
* How much time can you invest in training, racing?
* How much time per day, week, month and year?
* Reality…not ideally
* Be conservative if just getting started.
* Have goals that are defined clearly…studies show that this helps in achieving

For Racing:

* Goals must be measurable
You need to know if you are getting closer to it,
Just as you try to be successful in the financial world by knowing your salary.

* Goals must be under your control
You must be able to control your own goal, not have outside influences effect it
Qualify to make USA team, but you don't know who will be racing
This is where time is a definite benefit, especially with certain races
Time must be realistic - hilly course will not be the same as a flat course, accuracy; you cannot get caught up in this.

* Goals must be a challenge, yet it must be able to be achieved in order to maintain your motivation. You can't say you will swim 1500 meters in 14:47, which is the world record, when last year you swam 24 minutes.

* Goals must be in the positive, not the negative
Do not say don't, say do

* Have goals where you can visually see them, On bedpost, Book mark, Mirror in bathroom, Car rearview mirror, Desk, Computer

* Have a Mantra as simple as "I think I can."
* What distance do you wan to do?
* How many races do you want to do?
* What destinations do you want to go to?

* Have goals that may be this season or three years from now, such as:
Qualifying for Hawaii IM
Going to the Olympics
Finishing an IM
Placing top 10 at age group nationals
A dream is winning IM, not a goal, but dreams are still good to have!

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