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Night Running

Most triathletes don't have the opportunity to train when there is daylight. Winter makes outdoor training all the more difficult, as there are fewer hours of daylight available. Since we typically spend our daylight hours working indoors, then we usually have to run in darkness. Here are a few tips to help you run at night.

1. Run defensively. Never assume a driver can see you just because you can see their car.

2. If you have to run on the streets, run facing oncoming traffic when you are on the roads. This is safer than running with traffic because you can see oncoming cars and react to them, and drivers can see you better.

3. Wear a baseball cap. This is not only to retain body heat, but you can also pull the cap down over your eyes to avoid being blinded by oncoming car lights.

4. Wear reflectors. Place them on shoes and tights or wear a reflective vest.

5. Carry a light with you. You can see hazards better and be more visible.

6. Slow down. This helps you to avoid hazards such as potholes and sidewalk cracks. Wintertime is also a time to back off your training and to have fun with friends.

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