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Hi Wes.

Thanks for talking today. I wanted to let you know that I feel really good with the program you've given me. I am feeling strong and able to recover well! I realized today that I really want the bike to feel easy (as easy as 112 can:) so I can focus on the run. Doing these long endurance rides really helps that. Talking with women I know doing IMAZ, I think I will be coming in WELL prepared! Can I think about a 2.5 hour PR?!?!?! I think it is doable if I can keep the running coming along :)

Thanks again! I am having lots of FUN doing this!!!


During my eighteen years of racing triathlons, I enjoyed almost every moment of my career. The only exceptions were the occasional sprained ankles, broken bones and bruises from bike crashes such as being hit by a deer. I mention these unhealthy moments because at these times I valued my health much more when I wasn’t able to train. Knowing I feel this way, I have become conscious that triathlon is a part of my life. Triathlon has given me the place where I live, friends for a lifetime and most importantly, my wife and family.

I owe triathlon a lot and if you are considering a personal coach for training and racing, then you must be as excited as I am about this lifestyle called triathlon. During my pro career, I followed three mottos: to have fun, to keep improving and to make a monetary living!

If any one of those faltered for longer than six months, then I knew it was time to move on. Well, I have retired professionally from triathlon and become certified as a USAT coach. Triathlon is still a lifestyle for me. I want to see others improve and to live vicariously through their accomplishments. These accomplishments may not just be achieving physical goals, but also breaking one’s mental barriers to achieve their goals.

If you are considering me as your coach, then you are committed to the sport. With the time commitment involved, it is imperative that the training is done correctly. Triathlon is an energetic and exciting sport. As much as you would like to solely train, there are other commitments, which means you need time management and a constructive training program to allow you to achieve success. During my career, I have been through the “school of hard knocks.” My goal is to be your guide so that you will avoid this and enjoy your triathlon career.

My coaching is not one sided. It is your responsibility to give me feedback in order for me to guide you to improving your athletic performance. The training program I use allows you to give me your feedback in a minimal amount of time, yet it gives me a wealth of knowledge about YOU.

What makes a high quality coach?


I wanted to give some feedback on Wes Hobson's one-on-one coaching. Wes and I got together and he has been coaching me since December (2002). I am extremely impressed. He is extremely smart and well informed, insightful and motivating. He has exceeded my expectations. He really listens to, and works with me. A very interesting thing has happened along the journey. What began as a quest to qualify for IM Hawaii has changed. I am having more fun than ever, have learned more about myself, am feeling better than in a long time, and am reaching new levels. This means more to me than IMH (although that would be nice too).

Tom Politizer

I would like to give you some feedback on our one-on-one coaching. I am so
glad I switched coaches and coaching firms. Your workouts are more fun, not
the same 'ole thing week in and week out. I have seen improvements in my
biking and running. It is also wonderful having a triathlon coach, not a
cycling coach who has done some triathlons. Thanks!!!

Thanks for your input on next years IM events! Have a great evening,



I do feel really good about this year training-wise. I learned a ton and stayed injury free. I also feel like I've seen some really solid improvement in my fitness with the program you put together over the season and am excited to see how far we can take that over time. Mentally, I think I finally have the open-water-swim monkey off my back. I'm disappointed in myself for bailing on all those races mid-season. But I learned a few things about myself there too (some of which I don't particularly care for).

I'm looking forward to the off-season of training and a big year of racing in 2004. I'll be joining the old men age group-wise so hopefully I'll be able to stir it up a bit with them. I've really enjoyed working with you these past 6 months or so (is that all it's been?). I have complete confidence in you as a coach, and just really like you as a person. Thanks for getting me this far along. With your guidance, I'm confident I can see a lot more improvement before the years start taking it back.


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