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Weekend With Wes

Here is your opportunity to get your training program in gear with face-to-face personal attention by a nationally renowned triathlete, author and coach. Based in Wes’ hometown of Boulder, Colorado where other residents were recently crowned World Triathlon Champion and Ironman Champion. Visit the mecca of triathlon and see why it is considered so. All of your individual athletic needs will be addressed in an intense, 1-on-1 format with Wes Hobson and with weekly follow-up for four weeks. The purpose of this experience is to have your best season ever and the to achieve your racing goals.


My one-on-one camp exceeded all of my expectations! I thought I was a pretty good swimmer, but Wes made a few excellent suggestions that are already proving to be useful. I never realized how my running style was slowing me down, and look forward to making the adjustments that will make me a better runner. Most important, however, was the focus on how to integrate being an age-group triathlete into a busy family and work schedule. Wes managed to get me focused on the mental aspects of triathlon in a way I had never thought possible. The time was well worth it, and I look forward to working with Wes again in the future."working with Wes again in the future. Michael Wasserman.


Typical Schedule

Your 1-on-1 camp with Wes would follow a schedule such as this:

Friday after 12 PM
Arrive at Denver International Airport. Pick up by Wes and time to get acquainted. Afternoon or evening of exercise.

A day of intensive personal attention to your athletic needs with Wes

Sunday before 2 PM
Return to Denver International Airport


Each of these 1-on-1 camps is uniquely designed with your specific needs as a triathlete in mind. Wes will contact you well in advance of arrival to determine these needs and to develop a clear understanding of you as an athlete. This includes questionnaires, training log study, and a telephone conversation. Wes will then set up a unique program of coaching experiences for your day together. This might include, but is not limited to, the following elements:

* Swim, bike and run technique

* Bike set-up by a professional

* Technique analysis

* Lactate threshold heart rate testing

* Establishing heart rate and/or power zones

* Discussions on training methods, diet, drills, planning, etc.

* Your personal limiter addressed (climbing, sprint power, time-trialing, anaerobic endurance, strength, time available for training, etc.)

* Complimentary copies of all three of Wes' films and his book.

The principles described in Wes' book Swim, Bike, Run and of Joe Friel are applied to your training program. After the camp, Wes continues support with four weekly follow-up contacts. This helps you get started and stay on track with the training strategy developed in the camp. Wes offers only five of these unique coaching experiences in a year. The scheduling of your camp is determined based on when both you and Wes are available.


The cost of the 1-on-1 camp is $1250. In addition to the personal coaching, includes ground transportation between Denver International Airport and Boulder (Wes’ home), two nights lodging, and all meals from arrival to departure. It does not include airfare to Denver, bike shipping, or other travel expenses. A non-refundable deposit of $300 is due at the time your camp is scheduled with the balance due on arrival.

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